Baltic Amber Teething Sets

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Product Description

Baltic Amber Teething Sets

Our Baltic Amber Teething Sets feature real amber teething beads from the Baltic sea! In each set you’ll receive a 32cm amber teething necklace and a 15cm amber teething bracelet.


Amber is a fossilised resin with tiny little organisms trapped inside. Think of it as a time capsule, a window into millions of years ago – but this window has a secret! Amber is rich in something known as succinic acid, a natural and scientifically proven pain reliever.


As the amber touches your skin it heats up, your skin breathes in the amber and you absorb the healing compound in the amber.


As you may know, the more amber you wear the better your absorption of the healing effects of succinic acid is, so buy a set today and test out what difference amber can make for you!


Product Description

All of our amber teething sets feature a wide array of safety features, come in a variety of colours and styles and will match up with just about every taste!


Plastic threaded screw clasps, cotton thread and individually knotted beads mean you’re going to have a safe beautiful set that will relieve all the pain and discomfort teething puts your baby through.


Each amber bead is sourced in Latvia right on the Baltic Sea – always make sure you’re getting the real thing, not just some reconstituted resin “amber” substitute.


Each of our Baltic amber sets come in a huge variety of styles (with more to be added soon): Multicolour, cherry, lemon scotch, cherry yellow, rainbow, white cognac, cognac, natural white, honey, black green, dewdrop, champagne, multiscotch, butterscotch and bicolour too!


Each of our Necklace and Bracelet Sets Ship Free



But what is the point of wearing jewelry (even if you’re baby) if you don’t know the benefits:

  • Relieves Crankiness, Fussiness and Irritability
  • Reduces Swelling, Redness and Drooling
  • Reduces Inflammation, Eczema
  • Natural and Very Safe Way to Relieve Pain


How many tiny bottles of baby paracetamol, a drug linked to asthma in children, will you have to go through to relieve teething pains?


Safety for Mum and Baby

Anything used by mum and baby needs to be completely natural, and that’s why amber baby sets are becoming so popular! Each of our amber teething sets come complete with a full host of safety features:

  • Short Strings on Cotton Thread – No one wants to put a 45cm necklace on a baby! Each of our Baltic amber sets are sized just right to fit teething babies and toddlers. Silk strings can be hard to break, so we use cotton for additional safety.
  • Plastic Screw Clasps – No one wants to irritate baby’s sensitive skin; with our plastic screw clasps they’re smooth as a baby’s bum AND break apart when pressure is applied.
  • Each Amber Teething Bead Knotted – Each bead is knotted individually for safety. Break the strand? You’ll only lose one bead.


Only Real Amber

Only real amber has the health benefits of succinic acid! Every piece we produce comes with a certificate of authenticity.


What You’ll Receive

With each order amber baby sets you’ll receive:

  • 1x Baltic Amber Necklace and Bracelet Sets
  • An Organza Gift Pouch
  • Product Safety and Care Instructions
  • Amber Certificate of Authenticity


Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 15 x 2 x 1 cm

Bi-color, Cherry, Cognac, Dew Drop, Honey, Multi-color, Multi-scotch, Natural White, Rainbow


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