Amber Sets for Mother and Baby

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amber necklace sets
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Product Description

Mother and Baby Amber Sets

Mother and Baby amber sets are a fantastic gift for a mum with a baby on the way, or a baby that’s on their way to teething. Each set comes with an adult sized necklace for mum, and a smaller one that’s just the right size for baby.


Each has individually knotted beads on a cotton string with a plastic safety clasp that’s threaded internally. With enough pressure the clasp pops apart to prevent safety issues, and the individually knotted mum and baby amber sets keep beads from spilling everywhere if they break.


Amber works to relieve pain because of the Succinic acid in amber, as the body heats up the amber oils rub off onto mum’s skin, travel into her bloodstream and then get excreted in the breast milk to give baby double the benefits too!

Product Description

Here at we use only authentic Baltic amber, never reconstituted stateless resin that’s passed off as amber. We’ve designed each of our amber mum and baby sets to maximize safety and comfort for both mum and baby. We offer them in a great variety of colours and styles that fit just about every need, but each will help relieve all the negative effects of teasing.


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Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

Each of our Mother and Baby amber sets provide a full host of benefits for the wearer:

  • A Safe and Natural Pain Reliever
  • Relieves Redness and Inflammation
  • Reduces Fussiness, Irritability and Crankiness
  • Reduces Drooling and Sore Gums
  • Natural Alternative to Petroleum Products and Pain Medicine


Succinic acid has been scientifically proven to relieve pain and inflammation, and Baltic amber teething necklaces are rich in this substance.

Safety Features

Each of our Mum and Baby amber sets have the following safety features:

  • Safety Plastic Screw Clasps – Nothing could be worse for mum or baby’s skin than an irritating metal clasp that can just fall apart or scratch at sensitive skin. Our specially designed safety plastic clasps are threaded inside and smooth on the outside. With the right amount of pressure it breaks apart and prevents any issues.
  • Shorter Lengths and Knotted Beads – Each bead is individually knotted and the lengths are short enough to get the benefits of amber and avoid a choking hazard and long enough to be comfortable too.

Only Authentic Amber

We here at , we only use authentic Baltic amber in our Mum and Baby amber sets. Each necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by the source.


Be very careful, and make sure that you’re getting real Baltic amber, and not just some reconstituted resin that looks like amber. If you don’t receive a real certificate (never take a handwritten one!) you’re probably not getting authentic amber.


Each amber Mum and Baby set is handmade in Lithuania.

What’s Included

Mother and baby amber sets include:

  • 2x amber necklaces – 1 for baby, 1 for mum
  • 2x organza gift pouches
  • 2x amber gift certificates
  • Product instructions, cleaning and safety sheet


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