Adult Amber Sets

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Product Description

Adult Amber Sets

Adult amber sets come in one 45cm necklace and one 20cm elastic bracelet. Each set is a matching pair, but only the necklace will have the individually knotted beads.


If you want a longer length you can easily snap another necklace or bracelet on with our safety plastic screw clasps and have a seamless transition from too small to just right.


With all the benefits that amber teething beads offer (relief from pain, soreness, redness and itchy skin) our adult amber sets offer a chic alternative that fits your style!


Product Description

All of our amber teething beads, and amber specifically, are rich in a substance known as succinic acid. Cultures around the world from Asia to Europe have use amber for its fantastic healing properties for thousands of years – and only recently has science figured out just why it works at all.


Succinic acid is a natural pain reliever, inflammation reducer and has been used to deal with kidney problems, digestive issues and even eczema. Our adult necklace and bracelet sets are a little different from our mum and baby Baltic amber sets – you get a little more length on your necklace and your bracelet is just that – a bracelet!


Our Baltic amber sets are packed with safety features, even in our adult sizes. You’ll still know that you’ll look great and feel great from the all the healing effects of amber beads.


We currently offer our sets in the following varieties, with more to be added soon:
Multi-colour, Cognac, Honey, Multi-scotch.


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Benefits of Amber

The healing benefits of amber are known the world over – but mostly just for babies! The great thing about amber teething beads is that they have a lot of benefits for everyone:

  • Natural and Safe Pain Relief
  • Reduces Ill Effects of Arthritis
  • Used to Promote Healing
  • Used to Treat Eczema and Kidney Issues
  • Soothes Inflammation, Redness and Pain



The features of our adult Baltic amber sets are a little different from our other sets:

  • The necklace is 45cm, individually knotted and has a plastic threaded screw clasp.
  • The bracelet is 20cm on elastic, not individually knotted and has a plastic threaded screw clasp.


The set is designed for adults, so if you want baby amber sets or mum and baby Baltic amber sets you should check out our offerings for those here. Each set is matching and comes in one of our many styles and colours.


Only Real Amber

With Baltic amber becoming so popular, it’s important to know that you’re getting the real product every time. We purchase our amber teething beads directly from the source in Lithuania and provide our Australia customers, with high quality authentic amber products. Each adult amber set purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer so you know you’re getting exactly what you paid for.


What’s Included

Each set comes with:

  • 1x 45cm amber necklace with individually knotted beads
  • 1x 20cm amber bracelet on elastic cord
  • 1x organza gift pouch
  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Product Care Instructions and Safety Sheet


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Cognac, Honey, Multi-color, Multi-scotch


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