Raw Amber Teething Necklaces

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raw amber teething necklace multicolor
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Product Description

Raw Amber Teething Necklaces

Natural teething necklaces are a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic toys – and a lot cleaner too! Each of our amber teething beads is made with real Baltic amber from Lithuania, real raw amber that’s not some weird reconstituted resin or plastic that looks good enough.


Real amber is rich in succinic acid, a natural and scientifically proven analgesic. Your baby doesn’t even have to chew or suck on one of our natural teething necklaces, they get all the benefits by wearing it!


With 12 varieties (with more to be added soon!) of natural amber necklaces offered by AmberTeethingNecklaces.net.au, and unlike our other amber teething beads these aren’t polished to a high shine. Many believe that this means the benefits are easier to access, but they also look great too!


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Product Description

Each of our raw amber teething necklaces are completely natural and not tumbled to a high shine like our other beads. We use the same sources for all of our Baltic natural amber, but these are just a little prettier. They’re not jagged or rough, but they’re also a little earthier and organic, just that much closer to the source.


It’s believed that the lighter the amber, the more effective the acid is. While we can’t attest to this, we do know that our raw amber selection has so many great colours and styles to choose from.


Our raw amber necklaces offer the same benefits as all of our other necklaces:
•    Safe, natural pain relief
•    Relieves drooling, dryness and eczema
•    Reduces and soothes irritation, redness and inflammation
•    Eases irritability and crankiness
•    Natural teething treatment – no more messy plastic toys to sterilize

Safe for Mum and Baby

Every amber teething necklace we make is with mum and baby’s safety in mind!

  • Baby Safe Plastic Screw Clasps – Metal and silver clasps can easily irritate baby’s sensitive skin, but what can you do? Each of our necklaces feature plastic screw clasps that are internally threaded and pop apart when pressure is applied.
  • Baby-Safe Lengths on Cotton Thread – Our natural amber baby necklaces are just the right size for a baby, unlike some of our competitors. Never buy a baby necklace on silk thread; silk has a high tensile strength and is very hard to break.
  • Knotted Amber Teething Beads – Each of our amber teething beads is individually knotted. Breaks happen, but this way you only have to worry about one bead, not all of them!

Real Baltic Raw Amber

All of our raw amber teething necklaces for babies are made only with real Baltic raw amber – which is really important! To get the benefits you need it to be close to the source as possible, always make sure you get a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer.

What’s Included

When you order a baby necklace from AmberTeethingNecklaces.net.au you get:

  • 1x Raw amber teething necklace
  • Organza gift bag
  • Manufacturer Certificate of Authenticity
  • Product Safety Sheet and Instructions

Additional Information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 16 x 1 x 1 cm

Bi-color, Cherry, Cognac, Honey, Multi-color, Multi-scotch


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