Baltic Amber Teething Bracelets

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baltic amber teeting bracelets
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Product Description

Baltic Amber Teething Bracelets

Baltic amber teething bracelets are beautiful and best suited for babies 0 to 6 months of age. After that they get really active and put just about anything in their mouths and you’ll want to switch to an amber teething necklace instead.


Each amber teething bracelet is approximately 15cm in length and comes with all the standard safety features of all of our other amber baby teething bracelets – plus they come in 15 great varieties with more to be added soon.


Amber has been known around the world for centuries, especially across Asia and Europe, for its healing properties. Recently it was discovered that amber has an abundance of a pain killing compound called succinic acid; it not only relieves pain, inflammation and swelling but some of the fussiness associated with it too!


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Product Description

Cute baby bracelets are nice and all, but an amber teething bracelet is an excellent gift! Since amber is a natural pain reliever that only needs to against the skin to be effective. Baby won’t have to chew or suck on the amber (and they should anyways!) to get all the benefits of pain relief from teething.

Each of our bracelets are 15cm long and come in 15 different styles and colours; if you’re looking for something extra fun, check out our mum and baby amber sets too!


Each bracelet is loaded with safety features like individually knotted beads, cotton string on short threads just right for baby and safety plastic screw clasps that don’t pinch or irritate their delicate skin.


Rich in succinic acid, amber is used to:

  • Relieve irritation, inflammation and redness
  • Reduce swelling
  • Relieve crankiness, fussiness
  • Safe and Natural
  • Organic Alternative to Baby Pain Medicine



Safe for Baby

Safety, especially with newborns, is extremely important! Anything that goes on your baby needs to be safe and that’s why each of our amber bracelets for baby feature the following:

  • Cotton Thread, Never Silk – Silk is incredibly strong, and that’s why we use cotton. In the event that the bracelet needs to break apart it WILL, unlike with silk.
  • Individually Knotted – Each strand has individually knotted beads. If the bracelet breaks you only have to search for one bead, not 20.
  • Plastic Screw Clasps – Plastic screw clasps keep baby’s skin from getting irritated and scratched by metal or silver clasps. Smooth, internally threaded and safe, they break apart when pressure is applied.


Only Real Amber

To get the healing effects of amber you need to know you’re getting the real thing. That’s why we only buy Baltic amber straight for the source when making our baby bracelets. Make sure the next amber bracelet you buy is the real thing with a certificate of authenticity included with ever order.


What You Get

In every order of Baltic amber teething bracelets you get:

  • 1x 15cm amber teething bracelet
  • Organza Gift Pouch
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Product Safety Sheet and Instructions


Additional Information


Bi-color, Cherry, Cherry/Yellow, Cognac, Dew Drop, Honey, Multi-color, Multi-scotch, Natural White, Rainbow


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