Amber Necklaces For Adults

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amber necklaces for adults - bicolor
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Product Description

Amber Necklaces for Adults

Amber necklaces for adults… but wait, they’re just for babies right? Why should only kids reap all the healing powers benefits of amber, when everyone can use it?


Amber and succinic acid have been used throughout Asia and Europe for centuries to treat all manners of ailments like pain relief, arthritis, eczema and reducing redness and inflammation.


At we use only authentic Baltic amber straight from the source; each amber necklace is made by hand in Australia too!

Product Description

If you’re looking for amber necklaces for adults, check out what we have here!


Features of each adult amber necklace:

  • Adult necklaces measure 45cm in length
  • Beads are individually knotted to prevent uneven bead spacing.
  • Comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit your unique style
  • Safety design features. Our internally threaded screw clasps, plastic threads and knotted beads look great and are worry free.
  • Our safety screw clasps are universal, so if you need something a little shorter or longer you can always combine two amber teething necklaces, a necklace and a bracelet, etc. etc. to fit you.
  • Available in a range of beautiful colors including multicolour, multiscotch, black green, forest green, honey and many more, you’ll find a necklaces that fits you.
  • Each bead is polished well to a beautiful shine.


Free Shipping is available on all Amber Necklaces for Adults


We all know the benefits of amber necklaces for babies, but what about adults?

  • Completely Natural
  • Safe Pain Relief
  • Used to Eczema and Kidney Issues
  • Relieves Swelling, Redness and Inflammation
  • Arthritis Relief


There are many ways people around the world have used amber and succinic acid to relieve pain and inflammation around the world.

Safety Features

  • Plastic Screw Clasps – One of the best features of our necklaces is our safety plastic screw clasps. With just the right amount of pressure the necklace breaks apart and can be easily reclasped again later.
  • Individually Knotted Amber Beads – Each amber bead is knotted individually so that in the case of a necklace breaking (and not just unsnapping at the neck), you only lose the one bead and not the whole strand.

Authentic Baltic Amber

Each amber necklace for adults on the website comes with a Baltic Amber certificate of authenticity from Lithuania, directly from the manufacturer.


You want to avoid any amber that you can’t trace back to the source or amber that’s reconstituted resin; if you’re not getting real amber you’re just not going to get the same benefits.

What’s Included

Each of our Amber Necklaces for Adults comes with:

  • 1x amber necklace
  • 1x organza gift sack
  • 1x certificate of authenticity
  • 1x product information and safety sheet


Additional Information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 15 x 3 x 3 cm

Cherry, Cognac, Multi-Color, Multi-Scotch, Honey, Dew Drop


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